Aurabox includes:
1. 16oz Seamoss gel
2. Seamoss infused Gummies
3. 4oz Turmeric Scrub
4. Seamoss infused- 2oz Tea Tree Aloe Mask
5. 2 oz Wild-crafted Sea moss

This is a care package priced lower to make it more affordable to those who want to try out every product. The box features every product. This benefits your health/immune system as well as improves the health of your hair and skin.

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$350.00 $75.00

2 reviews for Aurabox

  1. Andrew Harris

    I liked the products so much I had to get this for my girlfriend

  2. Christina Veracruz

    I love all the products. The gummies were not to sweet but also not nasty like some multivitamins. The scrub was my favorite, the 2oz raw moss was enough for me to make about 3 jars of gel meanwhile it came with a gel so i mimicked the consistancy and had some left over because of the raw seamoss. The mask was a 10/10.

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