Seamoss Gummies

5 flavors : Magenta mint, passion fruit, ginger, pandan, and pea flower mint.
They are made with seamoss, fruit/herb water extraction and coconut sugar. They are 100% vegan friendly with no added gelatin. They contain 92 minerals of seamoss & fruit/herb vitamins. Sea Moss Gummies is a brand new way to let sea moss into your body, especially your children will love it. So we make them a little sweet for better taste. Just 1-2 of these gummies a day… YOU WILL IN FACT begin to detox your body of heavy metals and feed your body the 92 essential minerals your body craves.

Shelf life: 3 months in zip bag at room temperature, 5 months in the refrigerator

$52.99 $21.99

5 reviews for Seamoss Gummies

  1. Tasha

    Seamoss gel is hard to swollen the first few times if taken directly but these gummies are by far the best thing I’ve tried AND THEY’RE VEGAN!!!!!

  2. Nick alas

    These are amazing, I’ve told all my friends!!!!

  3. christina veracruz

    10/10 they were way better than any multivitamin gummies i have ever had.

  4. Danny

    I like the gummies they taste yummy and you really do feel the difference when you take’em and when you don’t

  5. Nori Verges

    I’ve replaced prenatal gummies with these and honestly, these taste WAY better. These also give me way more benefits and contain more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than prenatals. (Currently 8m pregnant, my doc said it was okay to take)

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